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Struktura commits to attaining results defined jointly with the client: cycle time reduction by 30%, ISO9001 or ISO14001 certification within 18 months or validation of a documented process.


Team involvement

Struktura believes that a solution should be achieved in tandem with the team that will implement this solution on a daily basis, rather than imposed upon the team. In practice, this means that our projects are primarily carried out through workshops that favour constructive debates. Whereas such an approach might be initially more time-consuming, the overall time to reach a suitable, accepted solution is reduced.


Change management

Taking an organisation from one point to another is not always straightforward and can lead to potentially destructive conflicts within a company. In such cases, the need to manage change should be acknowledged and implemented. Several levers can then be applied, such as the identification of change leaders, a dynamic, targeted and controlled communication, a clear message of the change desired, its objective and the method of implementation, without omitting the necessary commitment from management.


Sustainable development

Struktura is committed to optimising its economical, environmental and social performance. First, this translates into choosing environmentally-friendly transportation methods and purchasing products with a reduced environmental footprint. Second, and most importantly, struktura attempts to raise the awareness of its clients and partners in the sustainable development stakes and to help them put into practice their aspirations.