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Struktura helps companies and organisations optimise their performance. Our projects are based on the analysis and optimisation of appropriate processes and by ensuring strong team involvement to define and manage change.

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Structuring systems

Struktura engages in development, certification and improvement projects of management systems in the fields of quality control, the environment and sustainable development. Standards can be international, such as ISO9001 or ISO14001, or they can be specific, codes of conduct for example, whose application proves interesting in monitoring ethical issues on supply chains in low cost countries.

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International development

Struktura assists companies wishing to develop their activities internationally, either via their supply chain or by widening their markets. We have developed a strong expertise in Poland.

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Struktura develops training courses within our specialty subject areas that are tailored to each client’s issues and concerns. An initial discussion is held with the client along with a review of relevant documents and research focusing on their respective sectors. Whereas the investment in time for these courses is greater than for conventional training courses, participants are much more involved in the training process and can more readily apply their course work to actual situations.